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Re: Iguanodon(?) sp. and Jixiangornis

--- Mickey Mortimer <Mickey_Mortimer111@msn.com> wrote:
> A very strange skull.  Reminds me of Caudipteryx, with the unbird-like
> rounded premaxilla.  Funny how all these oviraptorosaur-like basal birds are
> showing up now (Shenzhouraptor, Omnivoropteryx), alongside the
> dromaeosaur-like ones.

Could it be an indication of diet/behavior? I.e., could non-ornithothoracean
maniraptors with an "oviraptorosaurian aspect" be herbivorous/omnivorous, while
those with the "dromaeosaurid aspect" are carnivorous/insectivorous?

> At least Orthavialae will be a useful term for the clade containing
> Rahonavis, Shenzhouraptor (=Jeholornis), Yandangornis, Jixiangornis,
> Sapeornis, Omnivoropteryx and Pygostylia.  Euavialae might just contain the
> last five.  I'd place Jixiangornis in the Yandangornithidae pending a
> phylogenetic analysis.

Were either of these new names explicitly defined?

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