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Rex's cloaca, Hypsi's tail, Neo's nose and Bary's jaw!

No, not some mad palaeo-vivisection experiment, just a few questions I'm
hoping someone will be able to help with:

In Tyrannosaurus, (and I guess in all theropods) is the cloaca located just
aft of the ischium's prong? and what would it look like?

I've been looking at Greg Paul's Hypsilophodon skeletal resto, and it shows
what I take to be ossified tendons in the back and tail. How much do these
limit lateral flexibility? how bendy is Hypsi's tail?

I've heard of Neovenator's skull being decribed as "puffin-like", I think by
Darren Naish. What does this mean? how did it's head differ from typical

Finally, Colin McHenry mentioned Baryonyx's jaw festooning in a recent post.
Forgive my ignorance, but what is jaw festooning?

Thanks, any help with these will be gratefully received!

Michael Lovejoy