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Re: "WWC" on Oz TV

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From: "Dann Pigdon" <dannj@alphalink.com.au>
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Sent: Monday, June 02, 2003 3:00 PM
Subject: "WWC" on Oz TV

> Just a quick note to let all those Aussies out there know that "Walking
> With Cavemen" is on the ABC on sunday 8th June.
> Here's hoping they do more than just shove some latex onto people's
> faces - neanderthals always seem to have prominent chins in those kind
> of reconstructions. If only Tim Brook Taylor would volunteer his
> mentumly-challenged profile, the latex method might just work...

Having just seen it, I think they would have been better off getting Tim
Brook Taylor to write, star, direct, and narrate this travesty.....Even Tim
Haines must be disappointed with the association of this with his own work.

As with the first program in the Human Body series, Robert Winston is
hopelessly out of his depth on any subject outside of 20th century medicine.
The costumes are ridiculous, the 'story line' absurd, and the attempts to
provoke a 'human interest' aspect are laughable.  As for the explanation for
the evolution of bipedality.....obscene!  My advice is to watch whatever
Simpsons re-run happens to be on, or read a book.

If this is the future of natural history tv programming, then count me out.
Also conspicuous is the abject failure of the BBC to follow up the career of
the greatest natural history presenter of all time with anyone worthy of
being in the same room.  Robert and Nigel?  Maybe Kenneth Brannagh wasn't so
bad after all........

Not happy, Bob.


Now, Bill Oddie...that might work....

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