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Ischial boots in tyrannosaurids and ornithomimids

Mickey Mortimer wrote-
(referring to the ischial boot)
Ornithomimids have it, tyrannosaurids don't.  Not the distribution one
expects of a size-related character.

There is supposed to be an ornithomimid that lacks an ischial boot. And the character is subject to individual variation in _Tyrannosaurus rex_, the boot is absent in CM 9380 and AMNH 5027 as well as most other tyrannosaurid specimens, however a boot is present in TMP 81.61, as well as a knob posterodistal to the ilioischial peduncle. Is it possible that this is a proximodorsal process, the structure found in _Bambiraptor_, _Archaeopteryx_, _Unenlagia_, etc.?

Nick Gardner

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