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Where are all the feet?

I was wondering if any of you could help me with
locating some dinosaur feet in museum collections. I
am after the following;

brachiosaurid (pes and manus)
caenagnathid (although any oviraptorsaur would do)
polacanthid (pes and manus)
camarasaurid (pes and manus)
titanosaurid (pes and manus)
Huayangosaurus (pes and manus)

However, there is a catch. I need them to be in
collections in English museums, as that is all my
budget will allow. And before anyone suggests it, I
did check on the DinoData EuroDino database, but it
seemed a little bit incomplete.

If any of you can help, I would be most grateful.

Simon M. Clabby

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