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Re: Just Jixiangornis (was Re: Iguanodon(?) sp. and Jixiangornis)

Nick Gardner wrote-

> Someone needs to try and create a reconstruction from the plates.

I made a cranial reconstruction and sent it to the Dinosauricon, using my
interpretation of the orbit and jugal.  Also, I now feel that neither
apparent posterior mandibular foramen can be confidently called a surangular
foramen.  There is actually another process that's in the right place to be
a dorsal jugal process in my interpretation.  I've tentatively restored it
this way.

> Funny in a way considering how Czerkas et al. were very eager to make
> comparisons between _Omnivoropteryx_ and _Eoenantiornis_.  What is
> _Eoenantiornis_?  An enantiornithine or some basal bird outside of the
> Ornithothoraces?

I don't think Enantiornithes will survive in its present form after larger
analyses are done.  Eoenantiornis comes out next to taxa like Eocathayornis,
the Spanish nestling, Sinornis and Iberomesornis in my analysis.  After
adding Jixiangornis to the reduced bird-only analysis (41/185 characters
coded), the latter is the sister taxon of Shenzhouraptor.
      |  `--Jixiangornis
                  |--Spanish nestling
                        |  `--Iberomesornis
Other taxa (eg. Sapeornis, Omnivoropteryx, Yandangornis) aren't coded for
enough characters to include yet.

> >The hallux is also disarticulated from the metatarsal, making the
> >retroversion suspect.
> That observation was from the drawing, I  had difficulty seeing much of
> anything in the plates, and at least it appeared... retroverted.  Maybe
> time to use "zoom" in MS Photo Editor or Photoshop...

Yes, notice in the illustration phalanx I-1 is shifted medially compared to
metatarsal I, and appears to be in dorsal/ventral view.  Whereas pedal
ungual I is in medial/lateral view.

> So... you're suggesting....
> --Orthavialae
>     |--Rahonavis
>     |--Shenzhouraptor
>     `-- Euavialae
>         |--Yandangornithidae
>         |    |--Jixiangornis
>         |    `--Yandangornis
>         |--Sapeornis
>         |--Omnivoropteryx
>         `--Pygostylia

|  `--Rahonavis
   |  |--Yandangornis
   |  `--Jixiangornis
      |  |--Sapeornis
      |  `--Omnivoropteryx

> Does _Omnivoropteryx_ have a pygostyle?


Mickey Mortimer