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Re: Just Jixiangornis (was Re: Iguanodon(?) sp. and Jixiangornis)

> >No hypocleideum on the furcula, but a surprisingly small interclavicular
> >angle.  Coracoids are more strut-like than Jeholornis, being comparable
> >Eoenantiornis (not convex laterally though).

Well, well. The left coracoid looks like in *E.*. But the right coracoid
looks like in *Shenzhouraptor*, in the drawing and apparently even in the
photo. ~:-|

> What is _Eoenantiornis_?  An enantiornithine or some basal bird outside of
> Ornithothoraces?

My analysis says it's a fairly basal enantiornithine. But my analysis also
says that the reduction from 2 to 1 phalanx in the 3rd finger happened
independently in Enanti- and Euornithes*, and that the 7 sacrals of
*Protopteryx* are a reversal. I find this somewhat suspect. (I think the
finger proportions of *Patagopteryx*, *Yanornis* and *Yixianornis* have
produced this. I should test this.) It might be noteworthy that my analysis
found the lowest number of enantiornithine synapomorphies ever (namely 3).

* No fingers are known for *Iberomesornis*, *Boluochia*, *Otogornis*...

The text does indeed say that *Jixiangornis* has 7 sacrals.* Headache.
Sounds like I should add it to my analysis and try...

* To be precise: There's a headline made of 2 characters which are
translated as "Sacral vertebrae". I know enough Chinese to know that the
sequence must be the same in Chinese. Then it says "7" somewhere in the
text, and the 2nd following character is the one used for "vertebrae" in the
headline. The one in between must be a "counting word" (such as "a _piece_
of cake", "a _sheet_ of paper"... in Chinese such a word must come behind
every number, no matter what the following noun is).

> T. Mike Keesey wrote-
> >Were either of these new names explicitly defined?

Apparently not, because I can't even find them in the text.