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Jack horner is brilliant. was Re: Stinky T rexes?

Dear List,

    I think that Jack Horner is a genius. The reason why, is his theories on
T-Rex. Now before you start making little voodoo dolls of me, hear me out.
Dr. Horner is a master at getting attention, thus grants ( pun intended ).
If any of you have ever read his books, you really get an inside look at
just how good he is at getting sponsorships. It is no accident that he,
instead of other prominant dinosaur paleontologists, became the technical
adviser for the JP movies.
    The reason, IMO, that he makes such ludicrous claims about an animal so
blatantly designed for predation, is publicity. The more press he gets, the
more his museum and dig sites stay the center of attention. Thus, they are
on everyones mind when funding is handed out.
    He made a similar outlandish claim last year at SVP, that because of the
deep grooves in the skull of ceratopsians, that their entire head, except
around the eyes and mouth, where covered with keratin. After the talk, I was
visiting the Bone Clones table. They had a snapping turtle skull replica,
and it had the exact deep grooves in its skull that ceratopsians did.
Snappers, of course, don't have keratin heads, just beaks. That new
outlandish claim didn't seem to fly, so I think he's just sticking to the
money maker.
    I for one, am looking forward to his next book. I don't agree with some
of his theories, but I wish I had his PR and writing skills.

Cliff Green

> "Big, nasty and stinky -- that's my idea of T-Rex. I don't believe there
> is any evidence for it being a predator at all," paleontologist Jack
> Horner said in a statement.
> He will be putting his theory up for public scrutiny in an exhibition at
> London's Natural History Museum that will run from August 2003 to May
> 2004.
> Horner, credited with being the inspiration for Alan Grant -- played by
> Sam Neill -- in Michael Crichton's "Jurassic Park," argues that the
> monster's forelegs were too short, its eyes too small and its speed too
> slow to make it a hunter.
> On the other hand, like a vulture, a large part of its brain was dedicated
> to sensing smells and it could travel long distances.
> Horner, curator of paleontology at the Museum of the Rockies in Montana
> and technical advisor to Stephen Spielberg for the Jurassic Park films,
> argues that T-Rex used its bulk and stink to simply bully smaller
> dinosaurs away from their meals.
> ...