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Re: Phylogeny of Maniraptora

On Fri, Jun 06, 2003 at 02:36:11PM -0700, James R. Cunningham scripsit:
> Graydon wrote:
> > > When the Concorde is landing, generating extremely high CL by vortex
> > > lift over its delta wings at high AOA -- by your definition, is it
> > > flying, or parachuting?
> > 
> > Flying, because it's energy stored internally to get its lift.
> Thanks for the clarification.  Then animals that are doing the same
> (converting the kinetic energy gained during the descent back into lift)
> are also flying.

If a Concorde has an engine flameout on landing, bad things happen, as I
understand it; it needs the thrust to maintain the maneuver, and given
the thrust, it can *keep* flying high aspect and low altitude, no?  (It
doesn't because there's no point to doing so, but it *can*.)

At least, I was assuming that when I gave you that answer; that there's
internal energy, in the form of jet fuel, being to generate thrust.

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