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Dinosaurs found in Poland * New Dinosaur to be Unveiled * Baldness hope as Birds get Teeth * Film-maker chases more Dinosaurs

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**  Skeletal remains of dinosaurs found in Poland
Polish geologists have unearthed the skeletal remains of several dinosaurs
that roamed the territory of what is now south-central Poland more than 200
million years ago

**  Feature Site - List of dinosaur specimens
A complete list in alphabetical order of all dinosaur specimens on exhibit
at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

**  Dig some dinosaurs at Ardmore Public Library's summer program
The interactive program will follow in the steps of Oklahoma's
palaeontologists as they discover dinosaur fossils, transport them to the
museum and prepare them for display


**  Fossil-rich mine threatened
It is believed to be one of the world's best sites for early vertebrate
fossils from animals that lived about 310 million years ago during the Coal

**  Time Travelling At Hell Creek State Park
Stretching from the Arctic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico this tropical marine
waterway was home to gigantic marine lizards called mososaurs and pliosaurs,
giant sea-going turtles, fishes, and a host of giant clams, squid relatives
called ammonites, and crawdad sized lobsters

**  A roaring opening
The dinosaurs in question are life-size Fiberglas models on display at
Dinosaur World, a new park located off Interstate 65 at Exit 53

**  Science Guy Nye Can Dig It
Nye hopes kids will really dig palaeontology after getting a gander at how
he explains the life of dinosaurs using household items

**  New dinosaur to be unveiled
Elaine was found on the western flank of the Black Hills and may represent a
brand-new species of 150-million-year-old Camarasaurus - a long-necked,
long-tailed vegetarian

**  T-Rex - Savage Killer or Scavenging Bully?
"Big, nasty and stinky -- that's my idea of T-Rex. I don't believe there is
any evidence for it being a predator at all," palaeontologist Jack Horner
said in a statement

**  Baldness hope as birds get teeth
The experiment suggests that a gene that causes teeth or hair growth,
inactive in birds for 70 million years, could also be rekindled in humans in
the future

**  Film-maker chases more dinosaurs
Bryan Bruce, who made The Lost Dinosaurs of New Zealand which screened on TV
last year, leaves for Canada on Thursday to finalise deals with film and
television giant Alliance Atlantis to make two further dinosaur-related
documentaries in Wellington

**  Chileans report new dinosaur species
The single skeleton belongs to a little-known family of dinosaurs called
Titanosaurus, which had long tails and a long but inflexible neck  MORE

**  Crylophosaurus (the Gondwana dinosaur) at the Science Centre and
Planetarium in Wollongong , Australia

**  German Dinosaur Discoveries

**  Dinosaur talk
As part of the Utah Museum of Natural History's new "Dinosaur Tales"
exhibit, palaeontologist Scott Sampson will offer a free lecture

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