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Re: "Chuniaoae" Ji et al. 1998

David Marjanovic wrote:
Indeed. Sort of PDW's Protoavia...
(For those shocked by this post, there are only 4 tones, but nevertheless
lots of homonyms with the same tone, each with a different meaning and
written with a different character.)

So Chuniaoae means "early birds"?

Btw, I need to correct some early statements I made.

I. I was incorrect to state that my copy of the supplementary information was in quotes. I am uncertain as to where my mistake came from, perhaps confusing the similarly named clade "Chuniaoia" (Ji & Ji 2002).

II. In my first post, I suggested that the latter part "-ae" of Chuniaoae might mean "wings". I confused the terms "alae" and "-ae". CMIIWA, but "alae" is the one that means "wings" or "wing" and "-ae" is a suffix used like "-ia" for the end of taxon names -- such as Coeluria. Am I right?

Nick Gardner

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