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Re: "Chuniaoae" Ji et al. 1998

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From: "Nick Gardner" <ratites637@hotmail.com>

> [...] "alae" is the one that means "wings" or "wing" and "-ae" is a suffix
> like "-ia" for the end of taxon names -- such as Coeluria.  Am I right?

ala = wing
alae = wings

In general, words that end in -a (in the nominative singular) get -ae in the
nominative plural and genetive singular. Most of those words are feminine,
and these are the most common feminine words, therefore species names that
honor female researchers usually end in -ae.

(Neutral) words that end in -e get -ia in the plural. Many of them are
adjectives. This seems to be the origin of all those -ia names for animal