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Re: Stinky T rex theory?

"Clayton R. Nye" wrote:

> Hunting is a structured behavior that is learned by the youngster
> from a parent. It will take  years for a predator to be on its own.

You are thinking in mammalian terms. Plenty of birds and reptiles have
hard-wired behaviour that is available to them immediately after
hatching. Megapode chicks are independant at birth, and crocs go their
own way only weeks after hatching. A hatchling tyrannosaur may also have
been capable of independance after only a matter of weeks. I once posted
a link to the headless chicken that survived four years with only its
brainstem intact, and it still managed to walk and attempt to groom
itself. In fact it exhibited quite a suit of behaviours that are
obviously hard-wired into the most primitive parts of a bird's brain,
that don't require much in the way of cerebral thought.

Although just because an animal is capable of looking after itself
doesn't mean that it didn't also live in groups. Chickens can survive
quite well by themselves without parental care, provided they manage to
avoid predators until they can fly (commercially bred chicks never even
see their parents, and don't need to be taught how to be viable

The 'higher' mammals tend to have to learn complex behaviours from their
parents (or at least hone their instincts), but archosaur brains are
(and no doubt were) very different in structure. 


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