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Neornithean and Ornithischian Phylogenetic Definitions

I'm still working on the base tree for the new Dinosauricon. As I've stated
before, when applying taxonomic names to the tree, I am going to try my best to
comply with draft PhyloCode, with a few provisions.

Two tricky areas:
Neornithes: I don't know of any papers where this clade or any of its subclades
are defined, apart from Gauthier and de Queiroz 2002 (defining _Paleognathae_,
_Ratitae_, _Tinamidae_, _Neognathae_, _Galloanserae_, _Neoaves_, and stem-based
versions of all of these with the prefix "Pan-"). This is one area where I'll
probably have to cave in and make some provisional definitions. But, is there
anything else out there already?
(Still thinking about whether to use Gauthier's definition of _Aves_, which has
priority, or Chiappe's, which is more commonly used.)

_Ornithischia_: I've seen posts listing definitions from Cooper 1985. What's
the full citation? Are the clades specifically defined in the text?

Thanks -

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