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A New Dinosaur Book

Hello Everyone,
    I have been lurking for years, only written to you all a couple of times
since I first got hooked up with the list through Betty C.  I usually don't
have much to say but I now have something you should all be interested in
and I am VERY happy to shamelessly inform you all about. A new dinosaur book
will be out this summer titled "Dinosaurs and Other Mesozoic Reptiles of
California" by one of the most exceptional men I have ever known,  Richard
P. Hilton. The book is illustrated by Ken Kirkland, who is my "other"
favorite dino artist (right behind my beloved Luis, Hi Luis and Carmen!).

Before you decide this is just a rehashing of the same old hadrosaur of the
Coast Range story let me tell you, this is not your fathers California dino
story, we have fossils in some very interesting places. The author has done
an amazing amount of work in many places and is a geology/paleontology
professor at a college in Rocklin, CA. I have taken every class from him I
can as he not only is challenging but a great lecturer in class, this
college offers an extraordinary range of field opportunities. As I type they
are on a 10 day dig in WY (Oligocene stuff, no dinos this summer).

Please keep an eye out for this book, I know it will be a surprise to many
of you all the wonderful critters and locals we have hiding in the Golden

Boy, the longest thing I've written to the list in about 5 years! That's is
it for me. Anyone wanting more information contact me off list. Thanks,