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Re: Dinosaurs and Other Mesozoic Reptiles of California Book

Hello Jennifer,

This publication is available at 30% discount in the BOOKS/MORE BOOKS
section of Dinosaurnews

best wishes

From: "Jennifer R. Muncy
Subject: A New Dinosaur Book

> Hello Everyone,    I have been lurking for years, only written to you all
a couple of times since I first got hooked up with the list through Betty C.
I usually don't have much to say but I now have something you should all be
interested in and I am VERY happy to shamelessly inform you all about. A new
dinosaur book will be out this summer titled "Dinosaurs and Other Mesozoic
Reptiles of California" by one of the most exceptional men I have ever
known,  Richard P. Hilton. The book is illustrated by Ken Kirkland, who is
my "other" favorite dino artist (right behind my beloved Luis, Hi Luis and