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Dinosauricon Phylogeny: complete

I've completed the basic phylogenetic tree for the new Dinosauricon.


Thanks to several people for their help, particularly HPs Headden and Mortimer.

All specimens used to specify Mesozoic clades (including genera) should be
included, plus some extras needed to show full tree structure or detail
Cenozoic sister clades.

The naming of nodes is just provisional. Names will ultimately be
programmatically assigned to nodes based on their definitions. (I will probably
have to provisionally define a lot of neornithean taxa.)

A lot more work must be done before this will actually appear as part of The
Dinosauricon, but this is a major step.
I may look to enlist some help in building up the database -- anyone
interested, please contact me off-list.

Comments on the tree are welcome on- or off-list.

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