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Re: Dinosauricon Phylogeny: complete

T. Michael Keesey wrote:
I may look to enlist some help in building up the database -- anyone
interested, please contact me off-list.

Comments on the tree are welcome on- or off-list.

I'm not sure about placing _Fukuisaurus_'s placement. I'd like to see it added to another analysis, but I suppose it's fine for now.

Why is _Jinzhousaurus_ in two places, i.e. Iguanodontia/Euiguanodontia incertae sedis & Hadrosauroidea incertae sedis? It seems like to me that the two plesiomorphic characters (i.e. weakly bifurcated ventral predentary process and small number of dentary teeth) are outweighed by the derived characters it shares with hadrosauroids such as the anteriorly extended frontal (anterior margin of frontal nearly in line with anterior margin of orbit), frontal excluded from orbit dorsal border, and the absence of an antorbital fenestra, as well as characters that are shared with other hadrosauroids, such as _Probactrosaurus_ (squamosals contact medially, well-developed primary ridge on the lateral surface of the maxillary tooth crown). Has anyone submitted _J._ to a phylogenetic analysis?

Why do you include _Bainoceratops_ in the Leptoceratopsidae, but place it as more basal than _Montanoceratops_? The paper points to some strong affinities with _Udanoceratops_ and _Leptoceratops_.

Wouldn't Averostra be the same as the Avepoda node since you have _Dilophosaurus_ as a basal avepod, or are you assuming that it developed the promaxillary fenestra convergently?

What happened to Alxasauridae?

Isn't the group with both _Epidendrosaurus_ and _Scansoriopteryx_, the Scansoriopterygidae?

Isn't the group with _Confuciusornis_ and _Changchengornis_ the Confuciusornithidae or the Confuciusornithiformes or something like that?

What is _Jinzhouornis_?

Nick Gardner

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