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Re: Dinosauricon Phylogeny: complete

--- Nick Gardner <ratites637@hotmail.com> wrote:
> I'm not sure about placing _Fukuisaurus_'s placement.  I'd like to see it 
> added to another analysis, but I suppose it's fine for now.

I could add a "?".
> Why is _Jinzhousaurus_ in two places, i.e. Iguanodontia/Euiguanodontia 
> incertae sedis & Hadrosauroidea incertae sedis?

Caught that; fixed it.

> It seems like to me that 
> the two plesiomorphic characters (i.e. weakly bifurcated ventral predentary 
> process and small number of dentary teeth) are outweighed by the derived 
> characters it shares with hadrosauroids such as the anteriorly extended 
> frontal (anterior margin of frontal nearly in line with anterior margin of 
> orbit), frontal excluded from orbit dorsal border, and the absence of an 
> antorbital fenestra, as well as characters that are shared with other 
> hadrosauroids, such as _Probactrosaurus_ (squamosals contact medially, 
> well-developed primary ridge on the lateral surface of the maxillary tooth 
> crown).  Has anyone submitted _J._ to a phylogenetic analysis?

I'll leave it as _Hadrosauroidea_? incertae sedis until I hear better.

> Why do you include _Bainoceratops_ in the Leptoceratopsidae, but place it as 
> more basal than _Montanoceratops_?  The paper points to some strong 
> affinities with _Udanoceratops_ and _Leptoceratops_.

It's _Leptoceratopsidae_ incertae sedis. I could move it up to a trichotomy,
though -- I haven't actually read the paper yet.

> Wouldn't Averostra be the same as the Avepoda node since you have 
> _Dilophosaurus_ as a basal avepod, or are you assuming that it developed the 
> promaxillary fenestra convergently?

Uh ... damn good question!

> What happened to Alxasauridae?

It's a junior heterodefinitional synonym of _Alxasaurus_ for now, using my
provisional system for genera.

> Isn't the group with both _Epidendrosaurus_ and _Scansoriopteryx_, the 
> Scansoriopterygidae?

Undefined. I'm trying to use only defined clades (with some exceptions in
_Neornithes_, unless I can find a paper that defines more exclusive clades than
_Galloanserae_ and _Neoaves_).
> Isn't the group with _Confuciusornis_ and _Changchengornis_ the 
> Confuciusornithidae or the Confuciusornithiformes or something like that?

Also undefined, TMK.

> What is _Jinzhouornis_?

Why, a basal avian!

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