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Re: Dinosauricon Phylogeny: complete

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From: "Mickey Mortimer" <Mickey_Mortimer111@msn.com>
Sent: Saturday, June 14, 2003 8:44 AM

> > (No generic name has ever been proposed for _bavarica_, right?


> Personally, I'm doubtful as to the validity of A. siemensii and A.

Most of their differences seem to be size-related and individual
variation... Elzanowski even takes size itself as a criterion.

> David Marjanovic wrote-
> > > - maxillary fenestra present (P)
> >
> > Unknown in *Iberomesornis*... and *I.* appears to be crucial for keeping
> > *P.* and *L.* in Enantiornithes, because it's always more basal when
> > there's any structure in that part of the tree.
> No reason not to include the character.

My point is that it won't resolve that part of the tree.

> > > - posteromedial sternal process absent (P)
> > > - posteromedial sternal processes not pointed (L)
> > > - broad posteromedian sternal process (P)
> >
> > Could be one character: sternum not particularly well ossified. Again
> > to compare with *Iberomesornis*.
> The first two perhaps, the third, no.  If anything, a narrow posteromedian
> process would be less ossified.

Oops... :-]

> Iberomesornis has such a narrow process,

In lateral view!

> Uh, of course they have an acrocoracoid.  It's just a modified coracoid
> tubercle.  Most ornithothoracines have one.

I mean one that's so big that it contacts the furcula, forming the triosseal
canal. Do they have that?