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Re: Documentaries

roxton@softhome.net (Roxton) asks:

<< I have a couple of questions about documentaries:

What's the earliest dinosaur documentary out there?  70s? 60s? earlier? >>

       They go way back to the silent days. They used footage from Willis 
O'Brien's first serious animation effort, "The Ghost of Slumber Mountain" for 
dinosaur sequences. The 1956 film "The Animal World" featured a much-publicized 
dinosaur sequence crafted by O'Brien, Harryhausen and Delgado. The first 
"modern" one I know of would be "The Hot-Blooded Dinosaurs" which first aired 
on the 
PBS program, Nova, in January of 1977. This program is notable as marks the 
introduction to the general public of the persona of Robert Bakker. There is 
also a wonderful sequence featuring John Ostrom describing his discovery of an 
Archaeopteryx specimen in a museum collection. I'd love to see this again after 
a quarter of a century!
       I'm sure the BBC was churning out all sorts of stuff through their 
science unit also.

<< Are there any radio documentaries about dinosaurs ? >>

       Lots of them. Go to this National Public Radio archive site and just 
plug in "dinosaur" or whatever you want to search for: