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Re: Ouranosaurus' sail

I sent the previous mail before checking Dann's website.  In contrast to
Mike Keesey's _Dinosauricon_ page, Dan list _Suchiomimus_ as being sympatric
with _Ouranosaurus_.  Don't know if this makes any difference to the
theoretical content of my previous mail, but I notice that _Ouranosaurus_
appears to be less similar to _Suchiomimus_ than it does to _Spinosaurus_?

Incidentally, Dann's observation on the origin of the vernacular 'monitor
lizard' as a name for varanids is very interesting.  I've only ever heard
the version that sates that Indian monitors 'warned' of the presence of
tigers...I suppose both could be true.

Also, I am finding the Dinosauricon to be a very useful resource.  Mike, are
there any plans to include a reference list and/or skeletal pictures for
each entry?  I'm afraid I can't really offer any help but encouragement
(unless you have plans to add a section on plesiosaurs..).


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> Silvio Renesto wrote:
> >
> > This week weather in Italy is too hot, thus maybe I'm gone mad,
> >   but I was wondering if the sail of  Ouranosaurus, rather than a
> > termoregulatory device, could have been a sort of mimicry, which
> > the inoffensive plant eater similar,  when seen at a distance, to a more
> > dangerous spinosaur.  This perhaps might have discouraged some
> Sounds familiar...
> http://www.geocities.com/dannsdinosaurs/osfram-on.html
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