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Re: Ouranosaurus' sail

--- Colin McHenry <cmchenry@westserv.net.au> wrote:
> Also, I am finding the Dinosauricon to be a very useful resource.
Glad to hear!

> Mike, are
> there any plans to include a reference list and/or skeletal pictures for
> each entry?  I'm afraid I can't really offer any help but encouragement
> (unless you have plans to add a section on plesiosaurs..).

The new Dinosauricon (http://dino.lm.com) does indeed feature references.
Unfortunately, it only covers _Therizinosauria_ right now, and is not even very
complete for that taxon.

Skeletal pictures depend on who is willing to do one. There are some here:
(note: Some have been miscategorized by the artists. I need to remedy that.)

I'd like to expand to other Mesozoic taxa someday, but dinosaurs first! :)

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