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RE: Documentaries

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> The first
> "modern" one I know of would be "The Hot-Blooded Dinosaurs" which
> first aired on the
> PBS program, Nova, in January of 1977. This program is notable as
> marks the
> introduction to the general public of the persona of Robert
> Bakker. There is
> also a wonderful sequence featuring John Ostrom describing his
> discovery of an
> Archaeopteryx specimen in a museum collection. I'd love to see
> this again after
> a quarter of a century!

The U Maryland library has a Umatic (YIKES!! I wonder how many of the
readers of the list remember that format) videocassette of it.  It had some
classic moments, and rather earlier ontogenetic stages and integuments (real
and clothing) of vertebrate paleontologists...

Incidentally, does anyone know of the National Geographic dinosaur
documentary associated with the dinosaur issue earlier this year ever came
out?  I don't get the NG Channel.

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