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Re: Walking With Cavemen at 7:00 pm.

> "Clayton R. Nye" wrote:
> Hi PAST Members,
> Tonight on the Discovery Channel at 7:00 pm.
>         Walking With Cavemen

As long as your expectations aren't too high, and you're looking for a
good laugh, then you MIGHT just enjoy this. I particularly liked it when
the narrator starts molesting a dead "Lucy". I half expected him to poke
it in the eye with a stick, Homer Simpson style. He then drags it down
to the river bank to optimise the chances of fossilisation. Ha!

As the series continues, the hominids become increasingly balder (watch
out for the bald-chested habilis). Apparently evolutionary trends only
go one way.

For full enjoyment, leave your scientist hats at the door, and every so
often mutter:
  "Take your hands off me, you dirty ape!"


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