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Goodbye to Triceratops Skull Discovery * Magnetic Clues * Make no Bones about it * Dino Track bill

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**  Glendive man says goodbye to triceratops skull discovery
After sinking into the ocean muck, the dinosaur wouldn't see sunlight for
another 65 million years, until a retired auto parts salesman came along.
**  This Week's Feature Site
The Natural History Museum is Basel, Switzerland.

**  Database aids research on extinction
Now six New Zealand scientists have published the first results of a
three-year, $420,000 study using the database to analyse factors affecting
mass extinctions, such as that which wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million
years ago

**  Magnetic clues hint at meteor hit
The Chicxulub crater in Mexico is thought to be the scar of a giant space
rock that hit 65 million years ago, indirectly killing off the dinosaurs and
most other animals


**  Refuge harbors remains of ancient life
The fossil fields near Fort Peck yielded some of the first and most
important finds for the American Museum of Natural History in New York,
including an akylosaurus and Tyrannosaurus rex

**  Exhibition a `coup', make no bones about it
When the exhibition starts on August 29, a 9m-high sauropod, an Omeisaurus,
will be standing in the museum foyer, its head soaring into the nearby

**  Scientist has the rundown on big beasts
Here's a man, after all, who helped determine how fast a Tyrannosaurus rex
could move by designing a 13,000-pound chicken

**  Matheson plans Dino track bill
If the legislation succeeds, the money will boost efforts to save the rare d
inosaur footprints from between 200 million and 205 million years ago

**  Dinosaur museum bare bones operation
The Dakota Dinosaur Museum is their labour of love, an exhibit that features
11 full-scale dinosaurs, including a 25-foot triceratops skeleton and a
6-foot triceratops skull, both of which are real, not casts or sculptures

**  Dinosaur-era forest fires studied
She soon found further evidence of paleo-wildfires in Wyoming, including
dinosaur bones and trees in Elk Basin that were cooked in a fire so hot that
all of the organic matter was burned off and the rest was preserved for many
millions of years

**  Meteor impact linked to extinction of fish
The research adds to the debate over how extraterrestrial cataclysms
influenced life on Earth

**  A dig's end never means the search is over
Two days before Christmas, in a dawn of skin-tingling cold, Craig and Matt
Christopher arrived at the Natural History Museum on the University of
Kansas campus and made their way downstairs

**  A Journey Through Prehistoric Texas
Beginning June 7, 2003 visitors to The Grace Museum will get an exciting
look at dinosaurs, Texas style, in the exhibition, Dinosaurs of Texas.

**  Tracking Prehistoric Life at the Mesa Southwest Museum
A new exhibit in the Mesa Southwest Museum's Dino Lab will show visitors how
fossil footprints are made, preserved and identified in "Tracks in the Sands
of Time."

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