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Meet me & see my website


My name is Steven Mahon & I just joined the list
today!!! I'm a HUGE Dinosaur fanatic & I'm glad I
could join. I have created a website w/ a cladogram &
her's the URL:


(Sorry! I haven't learned how to make links yet. I'm
not a real computer person.)

Check out my site! I'm ready for tips/criticism it
doesnt matter. Note:I am 13 years old going on 8th
grade. So, I still need to learn ALOT. I base my site
on what I think & feel, but mostly on other people. I
dont have any access to papers & such that I would
LIKE to read. Only my Christmas & birthday can get me
thru the year.... 
Anyways, I have question to ask (the 1st of many
more), even though is 5 years off for me, what college
could I go to get a good degree in
Paleontology/Paleobiology? Nobody I know can help so,
it would only be appropriate for me to ask here!

    Thanks in Advance,
         Steven Mahon

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