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Re: Meet me & see my website

Steven Mahon wrote-

My name is Steven Mahon & I just joined the list
today!!! I'm a HUGE Dinosaur fanatic & I'm glad I
could join. I have created a website w/ a cladogram &
her's the URL:


(Sorry! I haven't learned how to make links yet. I'm
not a real computer person.)

Welcome. It's a pretty spiffy lookin' site. Actually though, your site has several links on it already. Do you mean something else? Please reply to this question off-list.

Check out my site! I'm ready for tips/criticism it
doesnt matter. Note:I am 13 years old going on 8th
grade. So, I still need to learn ALOT. I base my site
on what I think & feel, but mostly on other people. I
dont have any access to papers & such that I would
LIKE to read. Only my Christmas & birthday can get me
thru the year....

Congratulations! You're doing much better than me! I joined the list when I was 15 and started a really stupid thread (), you're two years younger and made a smart one. :-)

uhm... and in going back to read that thread, I realize that I made a rather biting comment towards Dr. Holtz in one of the posts, and I would like to publicly apologize for that.

Anyway, in regards to papers, if you have Adobe Acrobat Reader, I'm sure that you'll be able to ask once and awhile for a paper or two to the list. Of course, if you have an instant messenger, no doubt, you can ask various people for papers, that's how I ended up with mine.

Anyways, I have question to ask (the 1st of many
more), even though is 5 years off for me, what college
could I go to get a good degree in
Paleontology/Paleobiology? Nobody I know can help so,
it would only be appropriate for me to ask here!

Correct me I'm wrong, but there are no colleges or universities offering degrees in either, if this has changed, I'd love to know. Anyway, for that kind of information, I strongly recommend this site- http://www.psych.ucsb.edu/~rowe/dinosaur/FAQs.html

Feel free to ask all the questions you want, just remember the 7 messages per day limit so that you don't get in trouble like I did when I sent all of those questions to the list that one time. =)

Okay, in regards to the "classifoclado", I'd recommend the following things-

1. Even though I don't like apomorphy-based clades, the node containing Dilophosaurus and the neotheropods would be Averostra.

2. The Clade(Passer > Spinosaurus) stem is actually the node Avetheropoda (Allosaurus + Neornithes), I believe.

3. Enigmosauria doesn't need to be in quotes, and it hasn't yet been defined but I now realize that two definitions have been suggested (in the Dinosauricon Guest Book, not published material, I know!), that is {Enigmosaurus + Oviraptor} and {Enigmosaurus <-- Neornithes}, personally, I would like to see it as {Enigmosaurus, Oviraptor <-- Neornithes}, but someone needs to publish it.

4. Why do you exclude Avimimus from Clade(Oviraptor > Therizinosaurus), which is Oviraptorosauria?

5. Alvarezsaurids probably were not the sistergroup to Pygostylia, but more basal.

6. I like that you note that ornithischians are "awesome". =)

Nick Gardner aim s/n Eoraptor22

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