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Re: Meet me & see my website

 --- Nick Gardner <ratites637@hotmail.com> wrote: >
Steven Mahon wrote-

> >Anyways, I have question to ask (the 1st of many
> >more), even though is 5 years off for me, what
> college
> >could I go to get a good degree in
> >Paleontology/Paleobiology? Nobody I know can help
> so,
> >it would only be appropriate for me to ask here!
> >
> Correct me I'm wrong, but there are no colleges or
> universities offering 
> degrees in either, if this has changed, I'd love to
> know.  Anyway, for that 
> kind of information, I strongly recommend this site-

Not much use if you're American (Which I'm 99% sure
you are) but the University of Portsmouth in England
does a undergraduate degree in Palaeobiology and
Evolution. I did that particular course or three
years, and found it very enjoyable and stimulating...

Simon M. Clabby

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