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Re: horner did it again

ville sinkkonen wrote:
> just look this article.
> (=
> http://www.nationalpost.com/home/story.html?id=CA77FF3C-81EF-4A99-9372-70AE35A63718

To quote the article:
  "Mr. Horner... argues the dinosaur's forelegs were too short,
  its eyes too small and its speed too slow to make it a hunter."

My forelimbs are probably smaller (at least, way-less muscular) than
T.rex's. My eyes are 
also smaller, and I'm guessing I couldn't have run as fast. Yet I'm one
of the most feared
creatures on the planet (certainly wild animals flee when I approach).
Obviously they haven't
heard that humans are also obligate scavengers.

I believe Great White sharks are also deficient in these catagories,
compared with a
tyrannosaur. So obviously they don't hunt things either.

You will also notice they called him "Mr" rather than "Dr". Good call on
their part.
Honorary degrees aren't worth the paper they are fraudulantly printed
on. :)


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