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help with a dinosaur book

Hey guys,

Joined here a couple of weeks ago and have to say these discussions are
fascinating although I feel a little out of my depth at times, expecially
with all these cladistics! My degree is in classical languages and dinosaurs
are kinda just a hobby (from childhood).

Anyways, I am writing to see if anyone can help identify the
title/author(s?) of a dinosaur book I would like to obtain. I remember
reading it as a kid, so it must have been around for the late 80s, but I
also saw a paperback reprint a couple of years ago in a bookshop. The cover
had a dark green or greeny brown parasaurolophus (I think?!). It is a fairly
hefty book, but based more on artwork and mini-stories about different
dinosaurs, aimed at a general reader. I don't think the science was a
primary focus.

The cover of Ray Bradbury's Dinosaur Tales uses an example of the interior
artwork from the book, here is the link:


(I think this piece is from the frontispiece art of the book)

All of the artwork from the book is in this style, so possibly there was
just the one artist. A couple of images I remember include a Scelidosaurus
laying eggs in its nest while a pack of salivating early mammals swarm in; a
sauropod (or group of) swimming in flight from a theropod while some
plesiosaurs/pliosaurs attack from below; a hadrosaur being taken down by a
giant croc; a valley full of ankylosaur skeletons; an iguanodon standing in
the shadow of an enormous rock. Beside the illustrations in the page margin
are given the stats of the dinosaurs....weight, length, time period etc
(weight is in pounds, which I always read as "libs", being raised with the
metric system ;)

The final section of the book is a catalogue of dinosauria, with an
illustration of species from all the different families, as well as
additional sketches of jaws/claws/etc etc.

Thanks in advance,

Chris Hart