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Sapeornis chaoyangensis skull reconstruction

Hi all,

After reading the paper describing the two new specimens assigned to this
gen. and. sp. (IVPP V13275 and IVPP V13276) I noticed the very poor skeletal
reconstruction on pp. 745. Honestly, I could have done it with my eyes
closed and my good arm tied on my back, it just oozes unprofessionality.
Therefore I decided to do a new one myself, 100% percent accurate. At the
moment, the available time does not allow me to start on the full skeletal
reconstruction, though it should be finished in a month or two (just monitor
this list or the Dinosauricon gallery), so only the skull reconstruction was

It came out quite interesting honest to say, it looks quite similair to the
skull reconstructed by HP Marco Auditore for Omnivoropteryx sinousaorum, but
it also shows some similarity to the skull of Plateosaurus strangely. Like
O. sinousaorum, the lower jaw is much shorter than the upper one, a
condition also observed in Yangdangornis (though they are obviously not
closely related based on the different wing proportions, the lack of a
pygostyl and overal morphology).

If anyone wants a copy of this skull reconstruction, please drop me a
message off-list and one will be sended.

In hope of your messages,


Rutger Jansma

PS. How did it come this paper went unnoticed or did I miss something?

Ji Q., Ji S.-a., Yuan C.-x. & Ji X.-x. (2002): Restudy on a small
dromaeosaurid dinosaur with feathers over its entire body. - Earth Science
Frontiers, 9 (3): 57-63, 6 figs. [phot.]; Beijing.

It's a restudy of NGMC91, the juvie Sinornithosaurs, that was already
described in 2001 by Ji et. al...