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Re: help with a dinosaur book

Allan wrote:
> The science was as up-to-date as possible for the time.  The scientific
> advisor was Dr. Peter Dodson (University of Pennsylvania [USA]).

Ah--didn't mean to bag out the book! What I meant was that it was a more
visually oriented book, rather than a heavy going text book.

> [Look for the picture of dinosaurs having sex, and for a dinosaur making
> a "night deposit" :-)].

Oh yeah--I do remember these illustrations now.

> Also: "The New Dinosaurs" by William Stout (2000) - which is basically
> an updated version of the older book, with over 30 new pages.  This book
> seems to be currently available.
> Hope this helps you.

Allan--this is great--thank you! It's definitely a book worth hunting down.


Chris Hart