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Re: Hello

--- Charles Roustan <charlesroustan@softhome.net>
> Hi, Steven
> I read your posts to the Dinosaur list and I visited
> your site, of course. I also like dinosaurs but I am
> just starting to learn about them, well, I'm 15. I
> would like to know what were your sources, like,
> what did you base yourself on to do your cladogram?
> I am planning to make one of my own but in the last
> few weeks I've been reading the posts on the list
> and I only got more confused (check in the archives
> for Jaime Headden and David Marjanovic's posts)
> because I don't understand most of the lingo. What
> books/articles have you read? have you learned some
> of it at school? I would like to know because I just
> have no idea how to get started.

Wow I feel honored someone is asking me a question.
But anyways my interest started at the tender age 3
watching the poular Land Before Time videos. They got
me hooked from then on. Here are the books I use to
look up info: first, (my favorite) DINOSAUR
ENCYCLOPEDIA by David Lambert, Darren Naish, &
Elizabeth Wyse. It's one of those DK books, popular
science books for kids. Even though its a kid book, it
uses terminology even way beyond my understanding. And
even though its called Dinosaur Encyclopedia, Its
actually a HUGE summary of Animal evolution, from
invertabrates to humans. Second, THE AGE OF DINOSAURS
whose consultant was Peter Dodson. its an encyclopedia
of over 100 dino genera, and is a great addition to
any dinosaur book collection. Last, Dr. Holtz's book
THE DINOSAUR FIELD GUIDE. ITs also a kid book  another
enc. of genera, but its graet for starters, & includes
information on the newer dinosaurs. Those are good
solid books to have. The internet, though, is my main
source. I use several sites, like the Dinosauricon,
Thescelosaurus!, & others to get info. Also, Mike
Taylor's site is great for learning dino lingo. Last
but not least, my best friend, the search engine.
Thats how I found all the sites I know & love. I use
Google but it doesnt matter. Its actually an easier
way to go thru posts to find a topic that interests
you, because some of the terms you'll search for might
only be on here. 

     Steven Mahon s/n's Dinoboy219 & stevensaurusrex

> thanks!
> Charles

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