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Re: Help with a dinosaur book

Chris and Alan,

This book is available in the DINOSAURNEWS bookshop in the <MORE BOOKS>
section.  The direct URL is

Mark Renz's  "Megalodon: Hunting the Hunter"  may also be of interest?

best wishes
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<The book you're looking for is "The Dinosaurs: A Fantastic New View of a
Lost Era" - by William Stout (from 1981).  Stout is the artist/author. The
original version of the book was, I believe, only in trade paperback seems
to be currently available.>

<Anyways, I am writing to see if anyone can help identify the
title/author(s?) of a dinosaur book I would like to obtain. I remember
reading it as a kid, so it must have been around for the late 80s, but I
also saw a paperback reprint a couple of years ago in a bookshop. >