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Re: Anatomical terms

Graeme Worth wrote:
There are a few anatomical terms I'm having great difficulty finding definitions for. Hopefully one of the anatomy wizards on the list can help out?
jugomaxillar arch
nasolacrimal crest

Nasolacrimal crests are crests that run from the nasals to the lacrimals, like those of Dilophosaurus and Liliensternus.

neural pedicle
nuchal ring
os carre
parietal bar
paraoccipital wing

Probably the paroccipital process.

pubic plate

Probably the pubic apron(?).

ischial foot

A distal expansion of the ilium, look at most non-coelurosaurian tetanurans for an example.


Sort of a countersink-structure in a bone. See the paroccipital of Archaeopteryx or some dromaeosaurids, I suppose.

Nick Gardner aim s/n Eoraptor22

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