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Re: Anatomical terms

> autopidal 
Typo for autopodal. The autopodium is the hand or foot. 
> jugomaxillar arch 
An arch composed of jugal and maxilla. 
> neural pedicle 
The parts of the neural arch that lie left and right of the neural canal. 
The "little feet" of the neural arch, which are sutured or fused to the 
> nuchal ring 
No idea. Perhaps the atlas??? 
> os carre 
Os carré? French: square bone -- os quadratum -- quadrate. 
> paraoccipital 
When 2 vowels collide, the one in front is dropped. Paroccipital, 
epoccipital, supracetabular, zygapophysis, epapophysis... 
> transversum 
That's an adjective... what's the noun in front? 
> pubic plate 
If not the pubic apron, then perhaps the entire pubis in animals 
(non-dinosaurs...) in which it isn't a long bone. 
> ischial foot 
An expansion of the distal end of the ischium. *Allosaurus* has both a 
pubic and an ischia_dic_ foot. 
> pneumatopore 
A pore where air passes through. A hole in a vertebra or other bone where 
an air sac enters. 
> internarial bar 
The bar of bone that separates the nostrils. Composed of premaxillae and 
nasals. All crown-group mammals have lost it, so don't try to find your 
own :-) 
> sacrocostal (yoke) 
Made of the fused sacral costae = ribs. 
> postmedian 
No idea. 

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