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Re: horner did it again

"Robert G. Tuck Jr." wrote:
> > Honorary degrees aren't worth the paper they are fraudulantly printed on.
> :)
> Aw, gee, Dann,
> You're one of my most favorite and respected people on this List (actually,
> everyone here -- regardless of their particular [sometimes  perplexing]
> views --ranks among the top for me). This quip, however, rings most cruelly.
> One of our most regarded paleo-illustrators, a personal friend of mine,
> received an honorary doctorate a few years ago. It was (and is) well
> deserved. I must, therefore, respectfully, protest any blanket
> characterization of honorary degrees as being fraudulant.
> Please, please, reconsider your rather all-inclusive pronouncement.

Firstly, notice the smiley face after that statement.

Secondly, and in all seriousness, seeing someone being handed a degree
can be frustrating for all of us who worked hard to get theirs the
proper way. If someone deserves a particular degree so badly, then why
not give them a free scholarship. That way they can REALLY earn it, the
same way all us unrecognised schmucks did.


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