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Re: Some new dino references

Markus Moser wrote-

> A diverse freshwater vertebrate assemblage (as usual: fishes,
> amphibians, turtles, crocodyles) is found SW of Urumchi (NW China,
> Xinjiang) in the Toutunhe Formation (from it Tianchisaurus was described
> by Dong 1993) and the overlying Qigu Formation. Dinosaur remains from
> the Toutunhe Formation include an isolated tooth crown (Carnosauria gen.
> et sp. indet.), an incomplete fibula (Ceratosauria indet.), fragments of
> ribs and ?osteoderms (Dinosauria indet., prrobably thyreophoran).

Might I ask the age of the Toutunhe and Qigu Formations, and why the fibula
was referred to Ceratosauria?

> An incomplete series of 8 posterior caudals of one specimen (DGM 497-R)
> from the Bauru Group shows procoelous, amphicoelous, and biconvex and
> other morphological varieties in a single titanosaurid tail. This shows
> that the morphology of isolated caudals may not characterize different
> titanosaurid taxa.

Hmm.  Might be the last straw for Titanosaurus.

Mickey Mortimer