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Re: Anatomical terms

David Marjanovic wrote:
> An expansion of the distal end of the ischium. *Allosaurus* has both a
> pubic and an ischia_dic_ foot.

Nick Gardner disagreed (?):

> A distal expansion of the ilium, look at most non-coelurosaurian tetanurans
> for an example.

Mark Moser wrote:

"ischial foot": Anatomically: processus terminalis ischii. Present in
many archosaurs.
"ischiadic peduncle" (if this is what Nick Gardner had in mind):
Processus articularis ossis ischii (a posterior lower process of ilium).

hehe, I uhm... made a typo, I definitely meant to write 'ischium' there, can't believe I did that..., don't know how many times I've written that in my notes correctly without fail and the one place that it matters... ah nevermind.

Nick Gardner

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