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Re: Anatomical terms

> Date: Sun, 22 Jun 2003 14:47:33 +0800
> From: gmbra@it.net.au
> There are a few anatomical terms I'm having great difficulty finding
> definitions for.
> [snip]

Eh?  Eight replies to this message already, and not one of them
containing a plug for the Dinosauria.com web-site?  Jeff Poling's
informative site has all sorts of goodies on it, but in particular an
anatomical dictionary at

A brief scan suggests that in fact it doesn't define any of the
particular terms you mention here, but (A) it's a resource worth
plugging, anfd (B) we might hope that Jeff will add them.

(I would have CC'd this message to Jeff, but he does not tell the
world what his email address is, due to spam-o-phobia, as documented
at http://dinosauria.com/email.html#why -- so I'll just have to hope
he reads this list.)

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