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Re: Did "Dave" have 4 wings?

Aspidel wrote:

> GSP's article in PT#60 and discussions on message boards > made me examine more carefully the photos of > _Sinornithosaurus_ sp. aka "Dave". > Is that evidence of a hinwing that I see below a foot > on the counterslab? > So was "Dave" 4-winged?

> http://research.amnh.org/vertpaleo/feather2.jpg

Uhm... under the right foot, there is a fish, not a feather. But there do appear to be long, symmetrical feathers on the thighs.

Heinz Peter Bredow wrote:

Don't know if this helps but you'll find a close-up of this on www.hpb1956.de

Thanks! Those photos were good for another thing too that'll be discussed later.

Nick Gardner aim s/n Eoraptor22

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