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RE: Informal names (was RE: Meet me & see my website)

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> Mickey Mortimer
> This is all I was trying to get at.  A higher taxonomic name can only be
> "unofficially" invalid.  I'm happy to end the debate at this
> point.  I think
> we've both summed up our positions well.

Fair enough.

> > A coining (if nothing else) in a peer reviewed papers are still, in the
> mind
> > of most researchers, a minimum necessity for any formal
> taxonomic name in
> > any system.  Enigmosauria doesn't get that, yet.  (And Darren
> admits that
> > the inclusion in the figure is a mistake).
> The volume wasn't peer reviewed?

The volume was peer reviewed, but the inclusion of the name in the figures
was a mistake.  (Sort of the equivalent to genus or species names that
prematurely make it into a faunal list before the taxa are described).  The
story is told at:

P.S.  I'd be interested in this paper too:
KELLNER, A.W.A. & CAMPOS, D. A. 2002. On a theropod dinosaur (Abelisauria)
from the continental Cretaceous of Brazil. Arquivos do Museu Nacional, 60
(3): 163-170. ISSN-0365-4508.

The UMd library only got Arquivos do Museu Nacional through 1962... :-S

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