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> Say, speaking of afrotheres, does Homo happen to belong in this group? 
Nope. Self-made supertree (you'll note that every placental grouping that 
has ever been proposed has a name): 
|   |--Afrosoricida (tenrecs, golden moles) 
|   |--Macroscelidea 
|   |--Tubulidentata 
|   `--Paenungulata 
|       |--Hyracoidea 
|       |--Sirenia 
|       `--Proboscidea 
    `--Boreo(eu)theria (misnomer...) 
        |--Supraprimates = Euarchontoglires 
        |   |--Glires 
        |   |   |--Lagomorpha 
        |   |   `--Rodentia 
        |   `--Euarchonta 
        |       |--Scandentia 
        |       `--Primatomorpha 
        |           |--Dermoptera 
        |           `--Primates 
        `--Laurasiatheria (misnomer) 
            |--Eulipotyphla (Real True Insectivores) 
                    |  |--Carnivora 
                    |  `--Pholidota 
Judging from fossils, the whole Supraprimates affair appears to be 
fundamentally Asian. Euarchonta at least is not a surprise from 
morphology, Scandentia is wholly Asian, and Dermoptera could have existed 
in the Paleocene of North America but are Asian apart from this. The 
oldest and basalmost primates are at least not from Africa (forgot from 
which northern continent they are). 

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