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**  Dinosaur tracks photographed from high above via 'blimp cam'
Snapping pictures from a remote camera attached to the bottom of the blimp,
Lumme will be able to give dinosaur researchers a bird's-eye view of how
dinosaurs moved across this landscape about 72 million years ago

**  Dinosaur fossil bill targets black market
A search for dinosaur fossils does not have to go farther than a personal
computer, where one online source, the auction site eBay, features scores of

**  Crew peels back first layer in dinosaur dig
About three feet of dirt remains over the skeleton, and on July 7 volunteers
from across the country will start the official dig at the site

**  Dinosaur discovery gave W. Colorado a leg up
A two-story-high leg bone with a femur as long as a surf board and foot
knuckles bigger than softballs is taking the dinosaur-rich Grand Valley back
a step in time

**  Bill's Dinosaur Dig
Cr Hanley is the first to admit he is no palaeontologist, but took part in
the trip as a volunteer who has always been fascinated by prehistoric


**  Dinosaur Display at Tahlequah Public Library
The large, three-sided display covers the process of paleontology, life in
Oklahoma millions of years ago, and the dinosaurs among us today

**  Dinosaurs were cannibals too, fossils show
Fossilised bones from two Majungatholus individuals bore distinctive sets of
tooth marks that matched the size and spacing of teeth in Majungatholus jaws

**  'Robosaurs' prowl Ogden museum
The growling, fierce-eyed Tyrannosaurus rex looked ready to burst out of its
museum enclosure to wreak havoc on the streets of downtown

**  Chinese Scientists Found Ginkgo Fossil of Cretaceous Era
The fossils, bearing reproductive organs, are believed to belong to the
early Cretaceous period (about 120 million years ago), and the founding has
filled up as long the vacancy as over 100 million years in the history of
Ginkgo evolution.

**  'Missing link' dino-bird fossil on display in Scotland
For the first time in Scotland, the public can see "Fuzzy Raptor", the
124-million-year-old fossil fringed with feathers that has proven to be the
missing link between meat-eating dinosaurs and birds

**  Tyrannosaurus rex trundles in, trailing monstrous questions
And it weighs three quarters of a tonne, travels in 11 sections and has to
be painstakingly assembled each time in its new home - for the moment the
Natural History Museum in South Kensington, London

**  Finding trilobites by the bucket, for free
Within minutes, plastic freezer bags are stuffed with chunks of gray rock
containing trilobites, brachiopods and horn corals - Devonian-era fossils
from creatures that inhabited the Earth 350 million years ago

**  Raptor Pack - A Review

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