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100 Years of Dinos in Australia

On the 24th of May, the Riches are holding a book launch at the Monash
Science Centre, in Clayton, Victoria (Australia). It starts at 11am, and
costs $25 ($19 for kids). There's a gourmet lunch and a tour of the
"Wildlife of Gondwana" exhibition (which closes in July) on offer as
well, which for the price is just as well. The book is:

Rich, T.H. 2003 "A Century of Australian Dinosaurs". Queen Victoria
Museum & Art Gallery Publication, Launceston, Tasmania.

The official publishing date is the 7th May, which is apparently exactly
100 years since Ferguson discovered his theropod toe bone (and a boring
old lungfish tooth plate). I'd heard it was some time in April, but a
few weeks either way probably won't bring the world to a sudden, fiery

It'd take some sort of huge bolide to do that. :)


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