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From Wuppertal to London (Jehol fossils)

Dear list members,

last year I went to the the Fuhlrott Museum in Wuppertal/Germany. There was an 
exhibition called "Fossil Treasures From China". It included among other 
fossils the original holotype of Sinosauropteryx. A fantastic time for me to 
see these Jehol fossils.

Now itâs time again to meet Sinosauropteryx :-). If all goes well Iâll 
visit the National History Museum and itâs current exhibition âDino-birds: 
From Dinosaurs to Birdsâ. Next Saturday (03/08/2003) Iâll fly to London and 
stay for 4 days.

So any tips regarding this exhibition or other displayed fossils at the NHM? Is 
somebody of the DML there to meet? Anything I am able to do at the NMH to help 
a list member (again)?


Heinz Peter Bredow