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John Lanzendorf's collection of dinosaur imagery

In his DINOSAURNEWS post of February 28, jollyroger@wave.co.nz wrote:

< **  Children's Museum Gets Ready for Dinosaurs  A paleo expert and 
hairdresser to stars like Olivia Newton John and Clint Eastwood, Lanzendorf 
has been collecting since the age of 12  >

The article at:
talks about the arrival of John Lanzendorf's collection of paintings, 
sculptures, and all that depicts dinosaurs at the Children's Museum of 
Indianapolis.  More than one of us was very surprised last October when 
almost all of John's collection was acquired by the museum.  I'm sure that he 
misses the collection, but it has a home that is planning to showcase it 
their new Dinosphere, which will open in 2004.  

Wouldn't it be great to have a dinosaur symposium there in conjunction with 
the opening?