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RE: Forest-nesting dinosaurs?

I also have a question about this report: 

Wouldn't the chemical signatures of the eggshells be affected by the
taphonomy (spelling?), i.e. the method of the preservation - and what
minerals washed through the fossil in the process of converting the
eggshells to fossil.  

If that isn't clear enough, my concern is that the chemical traces of
the preservation could affect the signatures that they are reporting on
- thereby corrupting the information.  (Where the fossil is found [and
he history of the site] would be the arbiter of what chemicals are found
in the fossil).    

Allan Edels 

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Subject: Forest-nesting dinosaurs?

The Guardian had a piece on chemical signatures of egg shells and how
differ in forest-nesting and flood-plain nesting species near Aix
(France).  But the article doesn't cite any paper.  Does anyone know
evidence of forest nesting there might be, or where this research is
published?  Thanks.
John Bois.