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Re: "Tanycolagreus topwilsoni"

Ken Carpenter wrote-
Ahem, (drum roll please),

Ba bum bom shiiiiih....

The manuscript for Tanycolagreus is in review. In will appear
in "The Carnivorous Dinosaurs", another edited volume to be published by Indiana University Press.

Can you inform us as to when this volume will be available? Four or five months from now, perhaps?

Basically, then the characters in Coelurus and Ornitholestes are the opposite of the condition in Tanycolagreus (i.e., Tanycolagreus with bowed radius, Ornitholestes straight).

Are the radii known in Coelurus, and if so, what is the condition in them? Bowed or straight? I had heard that they were bowed, but am uncertain if those reports were based on the actual material or "Tanycolagreus".

Nick Gardner

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